Cutting-Edge Cryptography of ECOIN Wallet

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, security is paramount, and ECOIN Wallet stands as a pioneer in implementing robust cryptographic systems to ensure the utmost protection of user data. Let's delve into the two key cryptographic types that set ECOIN Wallet apart and fortify its position as the epitome of digital asset security.

Type 1: Main Cryptography

At the core of ECOIN Wallet's security infrastructure lies a groundbreaking cryptographic system designed to generate an impervious User Secret Key inside the KeyStore. This key plays a pivotal role in encrypting and decrypting sensitive user information, including private keys and seed phrases.

When the private key or seed phrase is required, either for making a transaction or simply for backup purposes, ECOIN Wallet securely decrypts it using the rock-solid "User Secret Key" from our cutting-edge cryptographic system.

All sensitive data is securely stored in your device's local database, immediately after being encrypted. Leveraging the power of Android technology, ECOIN Wallet seamlessly integrates with the Android Keystore, utilizing the StrongBox provided by the Security Element (SE).

The Android Keystore, in conjunction with the StrongBox, ensures that the User Secret Key remains impenetrable. The data encryption employs AES 256-bit, bolstered by additional cryptographic systems and a secret master key. Upon the initial opening of the app after installation, a trusted space will be created in the Keystore, providing hardware-level security for modern Android devices. A notification is dispatched once the trusted space is generated, whether at the hardware or software level. This notification serves to inform the user about the specific type of security implemented in the device.

For a deeper dive into our hardware-level security, click here: Ecoin Wallet Fortified by Hardware Security.

Type 2: PIN & Encrypted Data Across Devices

ECOIN Wallet employs a robust two-tier encryption system, ensuring that your PIN stays safe and sound. This secondary cryptographic layer not only grants you access to the app but also generates and securely stores the Secret Key, which is crucial when users want to encrypt/decrypt data for export through a predictive cryptography.

Your 6-PIN code isn't just a key to unlock the app; it's also the wizard that generates the Secret Key for seamless decryption on any of your other devices. Only the rightful owner can decrypt the data. This approach facilitates seamless data transfer, allowing users to save their encrypted seed phrase securely as a QR code. In the event of a device change, users can effortlessly re import their wallet and decrypt the data, putting control firmly in their hands.

Unmatched Security

ECOIN Wallet goes beyond the basics for security. With progressive error management, the app adds an extra layer by initiating a temporary lockout after multiple incorrect PIN attempts. This ensures PIN discovery attempts are thwarted, as all trials must be done through the app, making it robot-proof. Your security, our priority!

With a staggering one million combinations possible for the 6 character PIN, coupled with the undisclosed Keymaster of the cryptographic system, ECOIN Wallet not only provides top-tier security but also places control firmly in the hands of the user.

Conclusion: ECOIN Wallet - Redefining Cryptocurrency Security

In conclusion, ECOIN Wallet's innovative cryptographic systems, integrating Android Keystore with a hardware-backed security provided by Secure Element(SE) or Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), and advanced PIN protection, propel it to the forefront of cryptocurrency security. This commitment to cutting-edge technology not only makes ECOIN Wallet one of the most secure wallets globally but also lays the foundation for upcoming features that will further enhance the user experience. ECOIN Wallet is not just a wallet; it's a testament to the uncompromising dedication to security and user empowerment in the world of digital finance.

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