ECOIN Wallet: Fortified by Hardware Security

Meet our Advanced Security Features

ECOIN Wallet: Fortified Security with Hardware Support

ECOIN Wallet takes security to the next level by introducing a hardware layer support to process and manage encrypted data. At the core of our security measures lies the powerful Android KeyStore system, which leverages the secure hardware capabilities of modern Android devices.

With the Android KeyStore, your sensitive data, such as cryptographic keys and user credentials, are stored and managed in a dedicated and isolated hardware environment. This hardware-backed security ensures that your data remains protected from unauthorized access, even if the device is compromised.

Our app seamlessly integrates with the Secure Element (SE) chip, a highly secure component developed to meet the most stringent security standards. Through our innovative software integration, we unlock the chip's advanced capabilities leveraging this cutting-edge hardware, providing enhanced protection for storing and authenticating sensitive data in the ECOIN Wallet.

Hardware Security for Android 9+: Exclusive SE Chip Support

The SE environment module is exclusively available on Android 9+ devices equipped with the dedicated Secure Element (SE) chip. The StrongBox Keymaster, residing in a dedicated hardware security module, ensures robust protection. Supported Samsung devices benefit from the added security of Samsung Knox, while other supported devices leverage the power of the Titan chipset. Additionally, depending on the device brand, varying security measures may be in place to safeguard your ECOIN Wallet experience.

The StrongBox Keymaster module brings several key features to the table:

  • Its own CPU: The module contains a separate and dedicated CPU, ensuring the secure execution of cryptographic operations and protecting against potential side-channel attacks.

  • Dedicated RAM: The chip includes dedicated RAM, providing a secure and isolated space for data processing.

  • Secure storage: Your sensitive data is stored in a secure manner within the module, safeguarding it from unauthorized access and tampering.

  • A true random-number generator: The module includes a reliable and robust random-number generator, which is crucial for generating strong cryptographic keys and ensuring the security of cryptographic operations.

  • Additional mechanisms for security: The StrongBox Keymaster module incorporates additional mechanisms to resist package tampering and unauthorized sideloading of applications, providing an extra layer of protection for your sensitive data.

Unleashing Unbreakable Encryption & Decryption

ECOIN Wallet utilize the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key. AES is widely recognized as one of the most secure, fast and reliable encryption algorithms available today, Additionally, to enhance the security of your encrypted data, ECOIN Wallet employs unique initialization vectors (IVs) that guarantee that even the same string will not produce the same encrypted result.

By combining the strength of 256-bit AES encryption with the secure Android KeyStore and a dedicated Secure Element (SE), along with the use of unique Initialization Vectors (IVs), we establish an additional layer of protection for your encrypted data.

Managing all sensive data within a dedicated and isolated environment on your device, ensuring that the sensive data never leaves the protected hardware. This robust security measure guarantees that only authorized processes can access the encryption key, providing an additional layer of protection for your data.

Devices equipped with the dedicated SE chip will benefit from enhanced hardware security, while devices without this dedicated chip rely on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) within the same environment, albeit with a lower level of security.

ECOIN Wallet's Commitment

By introducing support for this new technology, we demonstrate our commitment to providing the latest advancements in security and cryptographic possibilities. We are dedicated to delivering a secure and innovative experience for our users, ensuring the protection of their digital assets and peace of mind in their transactions.

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