Price Request:

Ecoin Wallet fetches accurate price data from CoinGecko, a reliable data provider recognized for its precision. When a token is not listed on CoinGecko or lacks a price entry, it indicates that the token is either unavailable or not listed within the CoinGecko platform. By relying on CoinGecko's comprehensive data, Ecoin Wallet ensures that users have access to reliable pricing information for the listed tokens.

Design Library:

The One UI Design library is built on Samsung's design principles and made available as a GitHub library by Salvo Giangreco and Yanndroid Yann. We extend a heartfelt appreciation to them for bringing a user-friendly design to fruition, enabling a seamless experience across all devices. Additionally, we would like to extend a special thanks to Tribalfs for their invaluable contribution to making the purple theme a reality.

Others data request (3rd parts):

Moralis provides a range of services including NFT listing, token metadata retrieval, token price information, balance tracking, and allowance management.

BscScan, Etherscan, and Polygonscan are blockchain explorers that offer ERC20 and coin balance information, token metadata, transaction tracking, and the ability to send signed transactions to the respective blockchains. They provide valuable insights and facilitate seamless interaction with the supported blockchain networks.

The 0x API is a powerful tool that facilitates seamless token swapping by providing access to liquidity from various decentralized exchanges. It offers an efficient and reliable infrastructure for best and accurate quotes for their swaps in the market.

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